Death Valley Engagement | Part 2 | Ginny & Mike

Day two of our Death Valley Adventure Session found us waking up at 4 AM as we had planned to be on top of the sand dunes at Stovepipe Wells before the sun came up. As we began to hike into the darkness the first blue light of the morning was about to appear. With each passing step and each passing minute more of the incredible landscape became visible to us. In every direction was a gorgeous horizon, it was all just too good. As we hiked to a nearby peak the sun broke through the horizon like a spotlight of golden amber that just exploded over the landscape. We threw Ginny and Mike into the direct sun and shot some really cool high contrast portraits. It’s just about this time that the sky started to dissect itself and rays of light splintered and shined on the mountains in the background; such a cool moment for all of us. Pictures or no pictures, this view was worth making the journey. After finishing up at the sand dunes we could have easily called it a day and came away feeling complete, but of course that’s not where we ended. We ventured down to the low elevation of Badwater and walked about a mile out into the dry salt bed. The ground was hard and brittle and crunched like snow under our feet. Being in an open space this size really puts into perspective just how tiny we humans are. Now after grabbing some super fun, laughing salt flat pics we definitely could have been done, BUT of course we wanted to see more. We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring our way through the valley until we ultimately came to Dante’s View. Our pictures do not do it justice. This is the type of place that make us feel alive and that we tell stories about over glasses of wine with friends. The wind was relentless and pierced through our coats and bit at our face. The crispness of the air and exhilaration of being on top of a mountain made this place feel not just alive, but still wild. After braving the chill for only few minutes we were definitely done and ready to head back with our hearts full and our spirits cleansed. Death Valley is easily one of the coolest places we have ever been and a place we will return to again and again. Thank you to Ginny and Mike for allowing us to do what we love and for being amazing travel partners. We can not wait to celebrate with you at the wedding!

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