Death Valley Engagement | part 1 | Ginny + Mike

This Death Valley adventure engagement session honestly was more than we could have ever imagined. It’s the kind of adventure engagement (and couple) that breathes life into our work. We met Ginny and Mike for beers at Mission Brewery (shout out to Mission for always being awesome!) to discuss their wedding and more immediately their engagement photos. We threw around the typical ideas, but then the idea of doing something grander and radder started to emerge. We mentioned how we had done engagement shoots in Joshua Tree and Sequoia National Park, but it might be cool to do something in Death Valley. We left that night with things open ended, but over the next couple days we all really began to fall in love with the idea of going to Death Valley. Everything we were seeing on the google machine looked amazing and we knew this shoot had the potential to be really special. So… fast forward to the day of the shoot, we had all been texting back and forth because it was early February and the winter storms had been hammering the West Coast. It looked like it was gonna rain on our parade, not to mention that the park was caught in the middle of the government shut down. Thanks to the amazing local business in the Death Valley area for sponsoring the park in order to keep the restrooms and facilities open, very cool move! We roll into town and the skies are deep grey and look like they could split open any minute, so we get right to it; we grab our cameras and just throw these two out there with no warm up, but it didn’t matter at all, because Ginny & Mike are absolutely amazing. Their easy going, laughter filled nature kept the energy bright and fun and made our entire weekend with them awesome. Close to our first location was a little cafe that we all decided to stop in and grab a cup of coffee to relax for a bit and warm our hands. Once inside it had the most amazing cinematic qualities; as they sat and drank their coffee it felt like we were inside of a movie. Once we got these images back to the computer for editing, the same quote kept rattling around as we worked, “This morning, with her, having coffee.” We are huge Johnny (and June) Cash fans so to have his quote as inspiration as we worked our way through the images was just that little bit extra that makes the images just a tiny bit sweeter. The rest of the day was rained out so we didn’t do any more shooting (mostly just playing), but that’s just fine because we had to be up at 4 AM the next morning to shoot sunrise at the Sand Dunes….check out Part 2 of the blog to see those images (coming real soon).

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