Photo Credit: Paige Nelson of  Paige Nelson Photography

Photo Credit: Paige Nelson of Paige Nelson Photography


We're Tiffany & Dustin aka The Singlers. Yes, we love weddings and we love love, who doesn't? We actually love a lot of things about this job; one thing we truly love and appreciate is the amazing people we have met throughout the process. We are pumped on getting to know you, being a part of your wedding and capturing amazing artistic photos that you will have and cherish forever. You (and your wedding!) are important and we truly understand the responsibility we have to capture the memories you’ll have forever. We will work for you and hustle to make your day as easy and stress-free as possible. We get so excited about beautiful locations and amazing light and plan and communicate in advance to get you in those places at the right time. We want to give you the most awesome, incredible stunning photos while still letting you be the happiest, most present couple :)


Top image courtesy of Cody Harris of Cody & Allison Photography