Borrego Springs Engagement | Mona & Ben

Mona & Ben killed their Borrego Springs engagement shoot. We'd been wanting to get out to the desert for a while and knew we needed the right stylish, adventure-y couple to do it. Mona & Ben were so down to pile in our car and cruise 5 miles per hour through some pretty sketchy terrain to hit up the Borrego Springs desert. They kept telling us that they were "awkward" in front of the camera (yeah, right!!) and totally turned on the warm, loving smiles and laughter as soon as we started shooting. After bouncing around the roads to the dry lake bed, we headed to Zebraski Point which some friend has recently told us was "sketchy to get to in their truck", but we decided, the Prius can probably handle it. It was a little dicey at times, but the Prius was not to be denied. We had such an awesome time and are so stoked on the experience. Thanks you guys for being so cool; we can't wait for the more good times at the wedding!!!